A man covering his face with a placard saying i love my job

Job dissatisfaction has been recorded to be up to 45%. It is caused by different reasons some of which include:

  • job satisfactionLow income. This is when the employee feels like they are not getting the right compensation for the job done.
  • When there are no benefits from the work done. Benefits include health care, flexible work schedules, vacations and tuition reimbursements.
  • When the employees feel like they are not in a good working environment. The environment includes physical location, the employer, and coworkers.

When the employee feels like their job does not offer mentally stimulating or challenging tasks.
We work to get money, but that is not all. The moment you find job satisfaction, you will see work in a whole new perspective. You must be able to look forward to going to work, growing your career and learning more. This article will give you reasons as to why you should pursue job satisfaction above anything else. Read on.

  1. You are a happy person if you are happy with the job. There is a positive relationship between being satisfied in your place of work and your general happiness. If you are happy at work, your other life areas will be satisfied as well.
  2. Better relationships. We are narrowing down to marriages here. If a couple is satisfied at work, their marriage is happy. Research shows that people who choose jobs which make them happy and energizes them never seek appreciation from their spouses.
  3. Better health. Lack of job satisfaction is among the leading causes of stress. If you are always on worry, you will attract ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and low self-esteem.
  4. job satisfactionIncreased earning potential. A satisfied worker will notice income generating opportunities miles away. It does not matter whether you are employed or self-employed, but you will not term it as hard work, but you will see opportunities to make more money. If you are not happy with your place or work or the pay, it is time to get something that makes you happy. It might take time but work on what you will bring you more income in future compared to sticking to something you hate doing.